5 Ways Your Website Optimization Affects SEO

When it comes to making sure your business’s online presence is fully optimized for search engines, there are a wide variety of different factors to consider. However, did you know the structure of your website itself can have an effect on where your site appears in search results? Here are 5 ways your website may be affecting SEO:

1. URL 

Your URL structure does have an effect on your search rankings; make sure you are following best practices when you are structuring your URLs. Your URLs should be simple and easy for both search engines and your customers to read. Keep them basic and not too long, and make sure that they clearly indicate the purpose of the page and your business name. You can even include keywords in them.

2. Website Speed

Make sure your site speed is up to standard regularly to ensure you aren’t being penalized by search engines for a slow site. There are several free online websites and software that can measure site speed to be sure. If your website is slow, make sure your website is up to date, the images are not too large, and consider upgrading your hosting.

3. Internal Links

Internal links are very important when it comes to SEO. There are a few easy ways you can do this. When describing your services in a blog post, you link to your service pages or your contact page. Additionally, make sure you check for and fix any broken links that may be on your site.

4. User Experience

The layout of your website and the ease of navigation for your visitors can affect your SEO. If it’s easy to navigate your site and visitors can find what they are looking for. Your site should have plenty of calls to action, and a clear indicator of where all the pages of your site can be found. Having a well-built site menu and home page can help with this as well.

5. Mobile Usability

How well your website works on smartphones and tablets is also a factor for SEO. With so many people surfing the web via their cellphones or tablets, search engines show a preference for sites that work well on these devices. It’s a good idea to optimize your site’s mobile usability by implementing a single column layout on mobile devices and making sure images are compressed correctly. You should also test for mobile-friendliness regularly.

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