5 Ways to Repair Under Performing Content

We always heard that fresh content is one of the most important factors in search engine ranking. Unfortunately, there are millions of blog posts generated every day and sometimes many of those blog posts would never get the amount of traffic you desire. To prevent poorly written content, there are 5 easy ways to generate fresh, engaging content:

  1. Use Long-tail Keywords
    Many people are now developing a habit of finding answers on search engines instead of asking other people. In the beginning, people were usually searching for recipes or homework help, but now the trend of do-it-yourself has spread to many other problems people may encounter in their life such as how to fix my leaking sink or why is my computer always overheating. By inserting long-tail keywords, people are more likely to click on your page. Click here for more information about brainstorming long-tail keywords.
  2. Optimize Your Meta Content 
    It is extremely important to optimize your meta titles and descriptions for every single page of your website. Remember, Google set a limit of 60 characters for the title and 160 characters for the description. An eye-catching title and description can entice someone who is looking for a solution to their problem to click on the link. Here is an example of an SEO optimized title for a lawyer located in Providence, RI: “Personal Injury Attorney in Providence RI. Please see my previous guide to learn more about how to optimize your description.
  3.  Make Sure Content Match User Intent 
    You may have written a blog post about a topic that is trending at the time but the way you wrote it may have been confusing and did not matched the search intent. Rewriting it might be a better option to attract more traffic. For example: a reader might not be interested in the topic about how to write a blog post instead how to increase traffic to my website.
  4.  A Picture is Worth a Thousand WordsA picture is worth a thousand words is always correct. Whether it’s a picture or a video, according to Xerox, it would increase the chances of people continuing to read your article by 80%.
  5. Include a Call-to-ActionMany bloggers have not added a call-to-action at the end of their blog posts thus suffering from low engagement. It is essential to tell your readers to either share, subscribe, contact once they reach the end of the post.


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