5 Ways To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has been an integral part of the marketing world for over 41 years, this fact can be surprising to some given the fact that marketing methods and practices seem to change on a monthly basis! This brings up an important question, for a marketing tool that has been utilized for almost a quarter-century, why is it still used today? With a generally low cost associated with email marketing, an opportunity at creating a large amount of exposure, with the potential return of high yields. Simply put, email marketing works. Combined with advancements in technology and the rise of automation in marketing, creating a campaign is as easy as 1,2,3, but curating an email campaign that will be opened, read and converted by the masses is a whole other task entirely. This blog will highlight some important aspects when it comes time to optimize your email marketing campaign.

1) Design With Mobile In Mind

Back in 1999 when you received an email there was only one way to view it, through a large preformatted computer monitor. With the rise of cell phones and increased accessibility, via the web, and instant communication, the way that we receive messages and interact with the world has greatly changed. This is very important to note that while over 90% of internet users have emails, approximately 53% of emails are viewed via mobile.

This is important because if your text is long, blocky, and reads more like a scholarly article, you’ve probably already lost the mobile conversion for that user. While phones and websites are good at optimizing a page for desktop or mobile view, there are a variety of design factors that can greatly hinder how your campaigns are received. Generally, it is better to be straight to the point in the subject line, writing clear, direct & concise to drive the conversion to a more detailed landing page.

2) Quality Content Over Quantity

Don’t be deceptive, create clear subject lines, that inform your prospective customer exactly what you are promoting. By including the terms “deal”, “sale”, and “offer” in your subject line can help as Google will determine the email as a promotion or an offer, before kicking it to the spam folder. If your email ends up in spam this will drastically reduce your open rate, click-through rate, and ultimately your conversion rate as fewer people will have the opportunity to even see the offer or promotion. These methods can help keep your emails from being delivered to the spam folder and keep your message in front of the potential customer.

4) Timing Is Everything

This strategy is similar to posting on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & more. It is ideal to Post at times where people will be free from work or generally a time in the day that you would expect people to be looking at their personal emails (lunch, rush hour, after work). With that said it is safe to say that if you are a cosmetics company and your email campaign goes our at 2:30 in the morning, chances are good that the campaign will not display the metrics you were hoping for. Thousands of emails are sent every second, just imagine how many emails land in someone’s inbox in a single day.

5) Build An Email List Instead of Buying One

Purchasing an email list is a good way to build a large group of leads, but the problem with this is that there is no way to gauge the quality of leads until you start collecting data. Buying a bulk email list gives you access to a large and diverse audience, with which half of that audience may care less about your actual product. By building and curating your own email list you are collecting the emails from users who are willingly submitting to your email list. This can be of huge value for your company as 1) these people frequently visit your site & 2) they are more likely to open & convert because they went out of their way to get more information on your products, goods, or services.

Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Boston Web Marketing can work alongside your internal team of Marketing professionals when it comes to optimizing your business and getting your website back in front of the eyes of those you are trying to reach.  Need a site consultation? If you are interested in growing your business online or would like to expand and optimize your email campaign, give Boston Web Marketing a call today at 857-526-0096!

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