5 Ways to Hone Your Blog Writing Skills

When it comes to writing a blog there are many elements to consider. Sure, you can put together a few sentences  to communicate your thoughts in writing form, right?  You know the difference between their, there, and they’re, and you see the difference between write and right, right?
But how do you write persuasive, interesting copy? Writing can be intimidating or exhausting, but almost anyone can improve their writing skills with a little discipline.
Here are five ways you can start improving your writing skills right now.
Brush up on the basics

You don’t have to be the Stephen King of blog writing, but before you knuckle down and start producing quality content for your website’s blog, you should at least have an intermediate understanding of the basics of writing, which include:

  • Knowing what you want to include in your introduction, body, and conclusion of your blog piece
  • Knowing the purpose of your blog post
  • Using clear, descriptive language
  • General knowledge of grammar and syntax are followed, including pronoun/noun agreement, subject/verb agreement, appropriate verb tense, pronoun case, possessive forms, etc.

Read other people’s work

You can learn to become a better writer by reading the work of others. Cultivate the habit of reading other work besides other blogs about your industry.  Reading various topics, such as fiction and nonfiction, blogs of other interests, and news pieces gives you a perspective that you can use for your work.
Read aloud

Reading your work aloud allows you to find missing words, typos, clichés, and confusing sentences.
Walk away from your work

Once you’ve finished your post, let it rest for a while before you publish it. Walking away from your work allows you to look at it again with fresh eyes that will be able to catch mistakes you think you already revised.
Pay attention to detail

Too much detail will make your writing feel overstuffed and indigestible to your readers. Carefully chosen, detailed writing can be more memorable to your readers, as well as bring life to the story you’re illustrating in your blog.

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