5 Ways To Help Get Your Search Results To Page One

Tired of seeing your website show up on the tenth page of search results? Let’s be honest, in today’s world, the attention span of prospective customers is shorter than ever. People searching on Google are trying to find their answers as quickly as possible and with as little stress as possible. That’s why ranking well in search results is more important than ever and can not only help bring more views to your website but also more business. Check out these five ways to help rank better on search results and make your way to ranking on page one.

Plain Text Search Results

If you are searching for the menu of a restaurant or the price of a product, having things like rich snippets can be very useful because they more visually appealing and catch your eye. But there are times where searchers just want to find the answer to a question and that’s where plain text search becomes important. Although they are becoming increasingly rare due to the fact Google likes the more visually appealing results, plain text results are still important. The fact of the matter is you want to be blatantly simple. Tailor your page titles and meta descriptions to match common questions surrounding your industry, products, or services.

Products Snippet

Searching for products is easier than ever now. You look up a product, let’s say “new laptop” and dozens of different results show up before your very eyes. Although some people say that sheer brand search volume plays a part, it is ideal to still optimize your products to rank as well as possible. Make sure you include information like price, availability, and reviews to give prospective customers as much information as possible.

Local Business Knowledge Graph

Google My Business is a must for local companies looking to rank well. You can even extend your Google My Business snippet to show more than just location, hours of operation, and reviews. Through proper optimization and markup, you can do things like place an order, reserve a table, make an appointment and ask a question. Like I mentioned before, the idea here is to give searchers everything they want as quickly as possible and by optimizing your Google My Business account to include more information you can do just that.

Review Snippet

I briefly touched upon this in the last section, but reviews are a great way to show searchers how good your products or services are. Through schema mark up, you can show reviews for prospective customers and give them an inside look at what previous customers think of your business.

Events Snippet

If you’re a company that holds events, the events snippet is the perfect match! Let searchers know about your events directly on the Google search so they don’t have to crawl through your entire site looking for them. Of course, the objective is to drive conversions so the quicker you can get your information to the customer the better.

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