5 Ways to Get Your Web Page Appear in Google Featured Snippets

What is a Featured Snippet and its Importance?

When someone searches in the form of a question in Google Search, a featured snippet would often appear on top of the search results page. In the snippet, it contains a summary extracted from a webpage, a link to the page, page title and URL. The summary often contains the answers the user is looking for and entice the searcher to click on the link to learn more. It is important because it is displayed ahead of organic search results and it is much more likely to get clicks than results below you.

How to Rank for the Featured Snippet Section?

On Google, it tells you that you can’t mark your page as a featured snippet and Google has a complex algorithm that determines whether to use a page or not. However, here is the good news, there are ways to effectively boost your chances to appear in the featured snippet section.

  1. Include header tags on the page where you want the search engine to index
  2. Write an answer that is about 55-60 words long
  3. Add step 1, step 2, step 3 to the guide
  4. If your page does answer questions, then a paragraph of text is likely to be pulled
  5. Write how you would answer an actual person, start with an action verb like “start”…

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