5 Ways To Be Interactive With Your Followers on Social Media

Being interactive on your social media accounts is a great way to engage with followers and potential customers. By posting interactive content on your social media accounts, you can build credibility, raise brand awareness and increase interest in your products. Sometimes it can be challenging to think about how to craft an interactive post. If you need ideas on how to craft more interactive social media posts, here are five ideas.

1. Post Content Involving Polls

Polls have been around forever and are quick, simple, and informative. By incorporating polls into your social media posts, you can learn about your followers preferences, opinions, and habits.

2. Post About Short Quizzes

Short quizzes are fun, engaging, and popular. Many followers will partake in a short social media quiz to learn more about themselves and see how their answers stack up with others. For many, a short social media quiz serves as validation.

3. Do a Post Regarding a Giveaway

Social Media posts that involve a giveaway are likely to generate a significant amount of content. A free giveaway does not have to involve your business giving away the moon, but rather a product or item your business can afford to give away for free. While you are giving away something for free, the engagement, involvement, and traffic generated will be invaluable.

4. Posts About Trending Memes

Everybody loves a funny meme and viral memes seem to occur at least a few times a month. Photoshopping your products or your business into a popular meme is a good way to make your followers laugh and engage in the content.

5. Share a Story

Stories are powerful, and we are not referring to Instagram or Facebook stories that last for 24 hours on top of your feed. For this story, we are referring to a past event that can help evoke emotion and a connection with your followers. Most stories are relatable and worth sharing.

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