5 Ways Instagram Can Be Used to Tell a Brand’s Story

The main focus of an Instagram campaign is the customer’s experience. The imagery used for Instagram should not only be of high quality and may use trends such as #TBT but should also be compelling to the consumer, describing exactly what matters to them and how what you do or what you are selling can enhance their life. Here are 5 ways that using Instagram correctly can aid in telling your brand’s story

  1. Who Are Your Audience: It is a slippery slope when dealing with multiple social media channels in your marketing campaign. The trap is having the same message on one social media channel as you do another. For example, posting the same message on Facebook as you do twitter or posting the same images on Instagram as you do Pinterest. Not everyone who finds value in brand’s twitter will find the same value in your brand’s Instagram. Have a clear message for each individual social media channel to cater to your specific audiences.
  2. Storytelling through Imagery: Even though Instagram is a very visual medium it does not mean that plot shouldn’t be focused on. Tell your brand’s story through images that will also be able to convey a narrative. Experiment with different images or videos to test which ones resonates with the audience the most, then build from there.
  3. Find the Tone: Understanding the tone means understanding the brand. Are you trying to convey a tone that is serious, intellectual, or playful? Understand the tone you have on other social media channels and decide if you’d like to replicate the same tone or go in a different direction entirely, again know your audience.
  4. Post Regularly: Give your audience a reason to visit your Instagram account. Post on your Instagram daily. If you have multiple images to post, do not post them one after another. Wait a couple of hours or until the next day and post again.
  5. Use What Is Trending, if It Makes Sense: Just because it is Thursday, does not mean that you need to post a #tbt. Only use trends if they make sense and if it fits with your brand’s narrative.

To keep up with what’s been going on with Instagram, follow the official Instagram blog for new posts and updates. For more PR related news follow our BWM blog which posts multiple times daily.

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