5 Unannounced Google My Business Updates in 2017

Google has been flying under the radar recently when it comes to announcing updates to the My Business platform. Although not officially announced by Google, many people have reported coming across multiple updates to My Business that have generally gone unreported.


This is important to take note of these updates especially for people that are working on local SEO efforts for small or medium businesses, as it can effect where the business will show up after searching their major keywords.


Here a few updates that Google has rolled out for My Business without making announcements:


  1. Permanently Closed Listings Have Been Removed
    • In the past if a business was closed for good, Google would still show a listing for the company and have “permanently closed” under the listing. Over the past few months there are no signs of this feature still existing under the my business listings.


  1. Ability to Access Classic Version of Google Plus Gone
    • While a new version of Plus came out back in 2015, you were still able to access the classic version up until a couple of months ago. You will be missing out on a few features that were helpful to SEOs such as NAP data.


  1. New Platform for Reviewing Edits to Maps Listings
    • With the end of MapMaker, many users think that the ability to review edits of the business listings is no longer an option. In March Google launched the ‘check the facts’ feature for local guides. While it’s not quite the same as the beloved MapMaker, it allows for users to approve or deny each other’s changes.


  1. Pending Edits Has Been Removed From Maps App
    • With spammers actively reporting many legitimate business’ as spam in the past, it would show a ‘notification’ of what users suggested for the business listing. Google has removed this feature so if there is a reported edit it won’t show unless it actually publishes.


  1. 18 Months of Data from Insights is Now Available
    • Back in April bulk insights were added to the My Business dashboard. Which now will allow you to look at year over year data as well as month over month, giving you access to much more data as time goes on.


While these are just a few of the updates, there are a bunch more out there. Be sure to check back to the BWM blog to see any more major updates from Google that might fly under the radar!


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