5 Types of Meta Descriptions That Win More Clicks

When it comes to SEO basics, the most well known and important task webmasters must perform is to properly optimize page titles and meta descriptions. It is important to have an engaging meta description as it helps not only searchers but search engine bots understand the content on the page more easily. This helps the bots determine if your page will help solve the searchers problem and helps the searcher differentiate between the different answer sources on a SERP. Another advantage to your meta description is that it can help you gain clicks to your website if they are enticing enough. Below are five types of descriptions you should consider if you are looking to increase the traffic going to a certain page or your website overall.

5 Meta Descriptions That Will Increase Clicks


Clarity Focused

Meta descriptions are supposed to help, not confused people and bots. Be sure to have a clear description that lets the searcher know what they’re are going to get into by clicking on your link. A confusing description that is not relevant to the search or page title will cause people to look elsewhere.

USP Focused

A USP, or unique selling point, is what distinguishes a company or product apart from competitors. The USP could be based on added value, service, quality, speed, special features, or anything a business deems unique. These types of descriptions are perfect for homepages of a website.

Question Focused

Over the years, also with the help of voice search, the way people search online is in the form of a question. With this in mind, why not ask a question in the description to help show searchers that you know what they are looking for?

Purpose Focused

When owning a business or offering a service, your biggest goal is to differentiate yourself from the competition. This is where purpose focused descriptions come in handy. By emphasizing a greater purpose behind your website you can provide searchers with and additional incentive to check out your website over others. Whether you highlight a particular corporate value or a particular way you make a difference, it will go a long way when making your listing more enticing.

Call-to-Action Focused

While meta descriptions are more for understanding a page, you can also add call-to-actions to help gain more clicks. A clear CTA can prompt searchers to not only click but also do something once they arrive to the page they just clicked on. You can also look up schema markup code to help make the calls to action more noticeable which will improve the overall look of your organic listing in a way that you will get more clicks. If you own an e-commerce website then these types of meta descriptions are perfect to put for each product page.

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