5 Tips You Need to Know to Keep Your Website Vandalism Free

If you find you have been receiving an excessive amount of spam through your website, there are steps you can take to deter spam from being posted. Keeping spam posted on your website could cause Google to issue you a hit, and you will not rank high on the search engine results page. To deter spam from being posted on your website, follow these 5 tips!

1) Captcha
If you have a blog or form on your website, chances are you’ll receive spam at one point or another. If you are being bogged down with spam comments and messages, add a captcha to deter robots from posting and sending spam.

2) Disable Comments
A good idea for blog posts is to limit the time frame people can comment on them. Older posts will rarely receive legitimate comments, so consider disabling comments after a certain amount of time. If you are creating an archive, a good idea is to disable comments all together.

3) Blacklist Terms
Often times, the spam posted on your website will contain similar keywords. Many blogging platforms offer features that enable you to mark particular words as spam, and will block those comments from appearing.

4) Update Software
Spammers like to take advantage of older versions of software because they have not been updated with the latest security features. Be sure to update your software to keep spammers at bay.

5) Moderate
Many blog platforms offer moderation options where you can require users to have a certain reputation before they can post. Through these settings, you can also require approval for comments from new users and disable comments from anonymous posters.

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