5 Tips To Write Content For Service & Product Pages

As all of the SEO world knows, writing and developing content on a website is extremely important. When optimizing a website, one of the first places you should start generating content is within the service pages. I often go onto an un-optimized site to find one main services page with just 10 bullet points of the company’s top services. These services must be expanded into their own pagse with their own content. For some people this can be easier said than done. Below are some tips you can follow when writing content for these pages.

What does your audience want to know?

The content on your service pages should answer any questions a consumer may have about what you offer within that service. A good way to do is this by incorporating a Q & A section. Base the questions off what customers frequently ask you. This will give you a strong section of content that you can expand upon and that will be useful to website users.

Sell Your Product or Service

While giving a website user a description and summary of your services is important, you also need to take this chance to sell your product. Why is it better than the other guys?

Add Some Urgency

While you don’t want users to think that a service or product is going to go away after they purchase it, you also don’t want someone to wait too long to purchase it. While it may not be possible for every service, think about adding promotions, monthly offers, or showcased products/services.

Make Your Content Unique

To benefit the most in search engines, your content needs to be your own. Don’t take it from other spots on your site and don’t take it from another company on the internet. There are some other things you can do in order to make it unique including:

  • Pay attention to aesthetics. Layout, color and style choices should be unique to your business
  • Integrate appropriate images & videos
  • Show customer reviews & make them visible
  • Link text to other related pages on your website

Continue Brainstorming

Ask your employees and customers what questions they have to explain or what products that they love. Remember that once you create a service page, you can always add or edit the content. If aspects of the service change, be sure to go in and made the needed revisions.

When done, go back and read your page over. There other SEO factors you should look for that will make the service page as SEO friendly as possible.

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