5 Tips To Quickly Write Quality Blogs

In an SEO world were content rules all, writing quality blogs at a faster rate is a helpful tool that everyone can benefit from. The key here to not wasting your time is finding a balance between quality & speed. It is important to know that neither one high-quality blog a year nor 100 poor quality blogs a year will help.

Here are some tips that can help you with blogging for SEO:

Break up the writing process

Starting with a blank page and no ideas may be the worst way to start writing a blog. That first sentence may often be written and rewritten nearly 10 times before you get something you like, and it does not need to take that much time in reality. Follow a few steps to break up your blog writing:

Brainstorm ideas

This is the step where you will choose a topic for your blog. You might choose this based on keywords, services, or frequently asked questions.

Perform research

In this step, you will search to answer any questions you have about the content you are writing about.

Plan your blog post

Since h-tags are important for SEO in blogs, this often means breaking your content down into sections or subheadings to plan exactly how you will discuss your topic. This essentially maps out the content for you.

Draft your blog

This is where the writing finally happens, and it will be much easier and free-flowing since you have already researched and planned your content.

Edit your blog

This is the phase where you will proofread your writing to make sure there are no errors and that the final piece makes sense to a reader.

Write during your most creative points of the day

The key to writing a blog quickly is to find a time when you can be most focused. Morning people are most creative and free-flowing during the first half of the day, while others tend to naturally create better content at night. If you aren’t sure what your most creative time is, try writing a few times at different points of the day and see when it starts to flow.

Begin planning your next post immediately

If you see yourself spending a lot of time just getting started, this will be especially helpful for yourself in the near future. While you are already in a writing mindset, try to start your next post to get that phase out of the way. Depending on your writing process, this could either mean jotting down some bullet points or writing the first few sentences. The next day you can simply start where you finished off, and will already have your thoughts laid out for you.

Call in the experts

Although pushing out consistent & quality blog content is crucial for any website’s SEO, it is sometimes a tedious task that your team might not have the time for. In that case, a digital marketing agency is the best tool for your business to take advantage of. For quality blog writing and all other SEO needs, contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing! 

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