5 Tips to Optimize Google Business Listing

The optimization of Google My Business became somewhat of a niche in SEO. Aside from the importance of a name, address and phone consistency across the web, making your Google listing stand out can significantly increase your search visibility. Minor tweaking of your Google My Business page won’t be time-consuming or difficult, but it will certainly benefit your web presence.


Your address might be accurate, but does it follow standardized guidelines? If there are irregularities in the way you put down your physical address across the listing platforms, it may negatively impact your local ranking. The database of USPS address standards can be a good reference for your consistent use.


Once you fill in the address, Google My Business generates your unique geocode, which makes you appear on Google Maps. Usually, it places your business on the map quite accurately. However, the denser the area, the less likely it is for your geocode to be 100% precise. Inaccurate map placements can make it harder for your potential customers to find you. Make sure your geocode is completely accurate and if not, report the problem to Google right away.


The main reason Google algorithms exist is to provide users with relevant search results. Be as precise with your business category as possible. The rule of thumb is to choose a more niche category so you can be found by people who’d generate leads, rather than pick a broad category and never get clicks.


Online reviews are crucial to businesses these days. Don’t hesitate to ask your customers to leave reviews on Google. The more reviews you have, the more legitimate your listing is perceived. Try to respond to all reviews, both positive and negative, and it will show potential customers how engaged you are on a customer service level.


While customers are at the research stage, they seek to get an idea of your products, interior, signage and more. There should be at least 3 images on your Google listing because they are proven to make a significant impact on search visibility. Check your Google Insights to see how well your business’ images do as opposed to your competition.

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