5 Tips for Writing Good Customer Service Emails

Customer service is undoubtedly an important aspect of your marketing campaign. An unhappy customer is bad for business, but an unhappy and unanswered customer will drive your business to bankruptcy in no time. While it is easy to get lost in phone calls and live chat sessions, you should never neglect the power of email communication in building a strong business-customer relationship. Word of mouth is one of the best and cheapest marketing channel, and happy customers certainly are more than delighted to spread the good words about your products. Below, you will find five simple but useful tips when writing an email to a customer:

Always use their names in the emails

We get it. Sometimes, the whole point of emailing back and forth is to convey messages effectively and efficiently. However, in customer service, that’s not enough. Starting your email by stating their names will make you sound more respectful and considerate. It also shows the person who is email is personable, and who would prefer being addressed as “somebody” to being called by their true name?

Remember to introduce yourself

Emailing your customers is indeed part of the conversion process. However, it is also a conversation that fosters the relationship between customers and businesses. Introducing yourself to customers eliminates the barrier between two parties, and transitions the business conversations into personal conversations.

Show your appreciation

When you receive an email from a customer, you receive a gift from them. The fact that they take their time to write you an email shows that they care about the product or the business, and hoping to make the experience a better one. This way, you can permanently improve certain features of your products and retain many more customers in future.

Link to longer instructions

We hate lengthy emails. We think you don’t either. That’s why keeping your emails short, concise and straight to the point will retain customers’ interest and improve your customer service significantly. If the answer or instruction to your customer’s email deems to be complicated, link to a site that has the in-dept guidance. This will save your customers a lot of time navigating through a long email.

Don’t be too formal

This is a debatable point whether customer service should always remain formal or loosen up their language a little bit. Using some light humor in your emails could certainly deescalate many situations, and put a smile on your customer’s face when reading the email. Obviously, this depends on the situation and one has to assess it carefully in order to deliver the best email experience to your customers.
There you have it folks. Please always keep in mind that not every customer is the same, and there is no single perfect template to respond to your customers’ inquiries. Happy Emailing!



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