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5 Tips For Writing an SEO Report With Google Analytics

Creating SEO reports for clients can seem like a daunting task but it is important for them to keep track on how their business is performing. There’s no real “perfect” report, every client or business has different goals and demands. So, how do you write a good report using Google Analytics for your clients? We’ve listed five key essentials you should be adding:

  1. Traffic: Channels. If increasing organic traffic to your client’s website is their top priority, then add the traffic at the beginning of the report. If you are looking for something more specific on where the traffic is coming from, you will want to use the Source/Medium section. To get there Acquisition>All Traffic > Channels.
  2. Conversion Rate & Goal Completion. Your clients will be interested to see where their investment is going to. Creating a Goal completion will help measure the number of people that complete a specific marketing goal, such as signing up, subscribing to a mailing list, or requesting an estimate.
    To get there: Conversions> Goals>Overview
  3. Page Level Traffic. You may be able to track where your visitors are coming from at this point, but it’s important to know where to go. If a visitor came from an organic search, you want to know where they’re going. This will help on what pages need to be improved. To get there: Behavior>Site Content>Landing Pages
  4. Time Spent on Site. Pay attention to the rich content that is grabbing your visitor’s attention. You want to improve this with other pages.
  5. Recommendation. This is a great way to add a small section on how to tackle any problems moving forward when writing a report for your client.

One last suggestion when writing up your SEO report is to compare time frames, month to month, quarter by quarter, year by year, campaign by campaign, etc. Using comparison can really help writing a great SEO report! Looking for an SEO company to help with your business? Contact us at 857-526-0096 today.


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