5 Tips to Write Quality Blogs, Quicker

In an SEO world were content rules all, writing quality blogs at a faster rate is a helpful tool that everyone can benefit from. The key here is QUALITY & SPEED. It is important to know that one quality blog a year or 100 poor blogs a year won’t help.

Here are five tips that can certainly help you with blogging:

Break up the writing process: Starting with a blank page and no ideas may be the worst way to start writing a blog. That first sentence may often be written and rewritten nearly 10 times before you get something you like. Follow a few steps to break up your blog writing:

  • Create Ideas
  • Perform Research
  • Plan your blog post
  • Draft your blog
  • Edit your blog

Plan the blogs you will write: The planning stage is extremely important if you want to push out quick content. If you have a blog idea, jot down a few bullet points you want to target during the post. This keeps you on track and makes sure you hit everything you want to. This is also crucial because if you plan your posts in advance you will never be starting on a blank page.

Write during your most creative points of the day: Some people are most creative and free flowing during the morning and some are at night. If you aren’t sure what your most creative time is, try writing a few times at different points of the day.

Don’t pause to look information up: A common mistake people make is taking a second break from their writing to realize they have been away for 10 minutes. When writing a post, keep writing until you are done. If you need a quick fact or URL simply make a note in your writing and move on.

Begin your next post before finishing up for the day: If you see yourself spending a lot of time just getting started, this will be very helpful. While you are already in the writing mood and mindset, simply start up on the next post. This could either be bullet pointing or planning a blog to writing the first few sentences. The next day you can simply start where you finished off.

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