5 Tips For Optimizing Content With Infographics

An infographic allows you to tell a visual story that summarizes data and shares information more appealingly. Continue reading to learn how infographics can benefit your content, as visuals can go a long way in creating an unforgettable image.

1. Increase Your Content’s Exposure

By publishing infographics that include valuable and meaningful information, you will effectively promote your organization. The following are key factors to keep in mind when using infographics:

  • Relevant and relatable to your audience.
  • Follows closely alongside brand guidelines.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • The story is worth sharing.
  • Information is rich in detail but presented in simple formatting.

2. Build High-Quality Backlinks

The link-building process allows businesses to rank higher in Google’s organic search results. If your infographic is relevant to your site’s content, a link may also be included to a piece that’s currently published. Infographics are one of the more effective methods of generating backlinks for your brand. 

3. Enhances Content Shareability

Infographics should be easy enough for readers to share but detailed enough to provide compelling context and storytelling. When an infographic meets these requirements, it is more likely to be shared and reposted across social media platforms. To improve your infographic’s shareability, you should:

  • Add a button that embeds a code or direct link back to your site.
  • Insert social media buttons to share within the infographic.
  • Include infographic screenshots or break up the post into specific sections to include on social media, in blog posts, and press releases. This will ultimately make readers scroll through to read the next slide.

4. Improve Your SEO

It is common to find infographic images used in email marketing, blog posts, social media advertisements, and more. They can be easily customized, shared, and used across multiple platforms.  Adding alt text, a title, and a description to your infographic will improve your website’s visibility. 

5. Enhance Readability

Infographics make text-heavy content easier to comprehend for visual learners. The growth of social media shows that we have become an increasingly visually-oriented society. If text cannot be scanned quickly by the viewer, the content will not have the same impact. The following are pieces of advice to improve your infographic’s readability:

  • Attractive colors will grab attention.
  • Ensure your layout is aesthetically pleasing but easy to visualize while reading. 
  • Avoid drafting an extensive blog post; focus on the most crucial information.

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