5 Tips for Editing Your Content

Sometimes, five extra seconds of editing becomes a game-changer in whether or not you’re able to grab your reader’s attention. Furthermore, additional editing can help translate your message in a clear way and prevent misunderstandings with your audience. It’s crucial to avoid horrendous typos, bad grammar and unintentionally offensive humor since these factors can seriously damage the online reputation of your business. Take a note of these editing tips to support the consistency of your brand’s voice and generally improve your writing for social media and blogging.


Attention, Attention, Attention!

Pay close attention to details, always proofread what you’ve just written or ask someone else to take a look at your post. Don’t hesitate to spend an extra 30 seconds to Google or double-check whether you’re using any given metaphor correctly. Avoid ambiguity: you’re only given one line to make your point, so make it clear. Don’t leave your followers confused, consider paraphrasing in a way that is universally understood.


Edit like a Teenager

Oftentimes, an attempt to get more engagement results into a great backlash. When you’re about to post something controversial or suggestive, proofread it as if you’re a teenager trying to snicker at something and twist your humor.


Good Humor, Bad Humor

Social media and humor go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, if it’s not your strong suit, try to improve your joking skills before you post. Keep in mind the demographics and attitudes of your audience and make sure you’re being appropriate, and, most importantly, funny.


Content is King

It’s not easy to create content that always generates engagement which is why a good strategy would be to divide and conquer your post ideas into different platforms at different times. If you already know the type of content that resonates best with your audience, keep improving it. Use branded hashtags, choose or create involving multimedia, and so on.


Help from Technology

There is such a great variety of software solutions that can help you improve your writing, avoid typos or misspellings. One of the most common ones, Grammarly, can be installed as a Chrome extension to instantly check your Facebook posts, emails and blogs as you type them. This tool also does a great job with a plagiarism check.

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