5 Tips for Creating Valuable Content

Having content on your website is important, but it’s also important that the content is useful and provides value for your audience. If there is no value, no one will care about it. The key to creating useful, valuable content is keeping your audience in mind.

1. Map your content with clear goals

Your first step to creating useful and valuable content is to map your content. If your content does not contribute to your content marketing goals, it’s not worth the effort of creating, publishing and distributing.

If you have an idea that you want to write about but you aren’t sure if it’s valuable, ask yourself if it will hit one of these goals:

  • SEO ranking
  • Boost sales and connections
  • Increase brand awareness

If it won’t help your main content goal or provide value to your audience, toss the idea and try again.

2. Focus on cornerstone content

Cornerstone content consists of the pieces you create that you want to rank #1 in SERPs. If you put your effort and time into these pieces, making them your highest-quality and most in-depth, they will bring you much closer to your goals and ROI.

3. Recycle strong content pieces in multiple ways

You can develop more useful pieces of content from one post. For example, pull quotes from the blog and design quote cards using software like Canva. You can also put together a PDF or create an infographic.

4. Create brand awareness content

Brand awareness content is all about content that makes sure your audience can get to know you and trust you. This tends to be more personal than content such as guides or how-tos. Brand awareness content may not be informational, but its usefulness lies in the entertainment or interest it offers. Types of brand awareness content include seasonal posts, fun infographics and videos, product or team updates and stories.

5. Avoid creating content for the sake of creating content

Do NOT create content just to push it out there.

Any piece of content that is rushed will not be useful. The key to valuable informative content is researching keywords and topics, connecting it to your goals and aligning it with what your audience wants to read. If your content doesn’t meet any of these guidelines, it will be completely useless.

If you want your audience to care about your content, you need to care about your content. Put in the time and effort to craft well researched and thoughtful content that your audience will appreciate.

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