5 Tips for Creating Valuable Branded Content

Content is the epicenter of an effective web presence.  Whether you are a small retailer, or a large corporation it is relevant and up-to-date content that attracts a reader.  Social media, search engine optimization and blogging hasn’t not changed the need for valuable, quality content. 

This new branded content though, is not without its problems.  A focus on increasing your search results has become the new focus and led many brands to see content as a marketing tool.  This has led to a large amount of articles being laden with keywords, and search terms with no discernible benefit to the reader.

If you truly want to attract readers, and increase your search results, follow these 5 easy steps.

1. Be Adaptable

Writers tend to get locked in to what they think their readers want to hear about.  Pay attention to which blogs are getting a lot of hits or comments.  Your user base will tell you what they want to know more about – don’t be afraid to tailor to your audience.

2. Share 

Don’t be afraid to allow others to use your content (while sourcing you of course).  Users should be allowed to share, user, and download your content.  This will allow your brand further visibility and potential link backs to your site.

3. Variety

Your content should be about the users, not the platform you put it on.  Tailor your articles and information to the audience you are trying to reach, not the other way around.  Marketing shouldn’t be about a Facebook strategy, a blog strategy, or even a Google strategy.  It should be about getting your company found on a variety of different avenues with an inexhaustible abundance of ways to be reached.

4.  Users, Users, Users

Content isn’t designed for search engines, it’s designed for users.  Think about what people want to read, what will be useful to your audience.  Traffic will come with repetition, keep writing quality information and new users will find you.

5. Repetition

Your site is only as good as the last piece of content you put on it.  To grow your brand, continually write as often as possible.  Come up with clever articles users can’t find anywhere else.  Ask the questions you always wanted answers too, but couldn’t easily find.

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