5 Things to Remember for Content Marketing Strategies

Making a content campaign can be very stressful & time-consuming. Completing your campaign is both exciting & rewarding. However, use these tips for a quick SEO check to make sure you are optimizing your campaign to its full potential.

Page Titles

Page titles are a very basic thing in SEO, but that does not mean they are to be overlooked! Page titles are the first thing people will see about your business on the SERP. Page titles are the first piece of knowledge that give information about your site. This is a crucial part of attracting consumers to your web pages. It is also important to remember that Google search results can be used on social channels.

Images & Texts

Images are a great way to improve SEO & give direct attention to something on your page. A common misconception is that putting text in an image will boost SEO. This is the opposite of what text does in images. Images are used to replace text & give site visitors eyes a break from reading & keep them engaged. Keep text in images to a bare minimum.

Internal Links

While writing context it is important to have internal links. Google judges links based on the quality of the links. Within your original content use internal links to bring users to a key page on your site. You can use internal links virtually anywhere that has content on your website. Sprinkle in keywords & link them to various sites on your page that you want to get the most traffic, this is a very good practice for SEO.

Canonical Tags

If you are using any content that is not your on your website make sure you use a canonical tag on the back end of your website. This will save you from getting penalized by Google’s Panda algorithm. All content on your website should be original; you need a canonical tag to protect your content as well. If you do not have a conical tag then your content is unprotected & can be duplicated on other sites with no penalty. This is not only good for SEO but also will help keep your content yours.

Dataset Schema

If you are implementing data on your website, whether that is tracking conversions or Google My Business then you are going to want to insert schema markup. Schema markup is essentially a map for Google to follow so it knows exactly what your tracking & will let Google track your data faster. This is just another way to optimize your site in a way that will boost SEO!





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