What Are the Most Effective Strategies for Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising is becoming more prevalent as social media becomes a more significant part of our lives. Whether the goal is to introduce a new product, change customers’ attitudes or reach new markets, there are some best practices to go by. If you choose social ads in your marketing strategy, make sure you’re making the most of it with these useful tips.

Demonstrate The Product In Use

Focus on visual representation and show the advertised product in action. It’s important to emphasize the features of an item itself as well as the actual benefits of using it. Keep your copy short, catchy and intriguing to create audience’s interest in watching the multimedia attached. If a product can be used for various purposes, would be a good idea to showcase various videos in a carousel format, demonstrating different actions or uses of the product. For each image or video in the carousel, you’d have to create the different title and description with a clever approach, to reinforce benefits of the main copy. Don’t forget to include a call to action button, such as “Buy Now”, “Order Here” or whichever applies best.

Reveal Exclusive Products and Promotions

In the case of discount promotion, a marketer should encourage the followers to take advantage of the offer while it lasts. As a general rule of thumb, photos displaying the product in use are more impactful rather than just images of particular items. Call to action in an ad like this could be “Sign Up” rather than “Shop” to emphasize the element of exclusivity, which would also expand the list of email subscribers. To exclusively reveal a new product or promotion, the main emphasis should be directed towards visual elements. Keep the copy short, create a sense of urgency and scarcity, with a CTA link to a product page.

Share Customer Reviews

People do business with other people, which is why reviews are such a major decision-driving factor. A Facebook business page that posts customer testimonials add social proof and more legitimacy to the company. A good way to take advantage of this strategy would be to mix direct response videos along with testimonials. Videos and pictures that include customers or business owner and managers add a face to the business, reinforce CTA, build trust and encourage followers to become customers. The most suitable CTA, in this case, would be “Contact Us”.

Prompt With A Discount

Attract the online users with eye-catching Facebook ads emphasizing a value-based deal. Build a copy to provoke a direct response from the discount promotion, highlight the product’s ease of use and focus on benefits. A great idea is to use emojis to make your copy stand out by grabbing the audience’s attention. Multimedia in the post should flow with the copy, demonstrating the use rather than an image. For a call to action, set up direct action/response to a promotion.

Target New Potential Customers

In this case, it’s recommended to use a carousel of multimedia, introducing discounts and encouraging purchases. The selection of photos and videos should narrate a benefit to a new target audience. First, clarify a promotion; second, illustrate feature; then, focus on telling more about the benefits. Again, showcase the product in use rather than on its own. Think about a clever CTA to reinforce purchase.

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