5 Social Media Trends You Should Be Utilizing

If you’re looking to gain more likes on social media but can’t seem to figure out how, start following the trends below.

1. Live Video

Now that users have a faster mobile internet connection and the constant generation of content has left users seeking more visuals, now is the time to get proactive with video. “Live-in-the-moment” content has also caught attention among internet-goers, leaving businesses and brands looking to utilize both video and real-time content.

2. Social Content

Facebook’s Instant Articles may be leading to a new type of social content. Now, those on social media are seeing articles appear without even having to leave a social app.  Users are seeing videos automatically play in their newsfeed, leaving brands to focus their attention on the creation of content for social channels.

3. Rich Snippet Answers

Google’s snippets have become increasingly valuable because users can receive answers in search results almost immediately. While this may seem a bit threatening because users can receive answers for questions that may have lead them to your site, structured markup on your website can help immensely. This allows you to target your own site and gain visibility for queries that relate to your brand.

4. RankBrain

With the self-taught artificial intelligence system, Rankbrain, the marketing world could be changing quickly! Pretty soon, search engine updates, social newsfeed algorithms and marketing automation could take place.

5. Advertising & Social Commerce

Pinterest developed buyable pins which set the tone for social commerce. Since more and more social media channels are getting on board with this concept, this could mean e-commerce websites needs to do more than just SEO on their site.

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