Top Social Media Trends You Should Be Utilizing

Increasing your social media following will promote engagement with your brand and increase traffic to your site. Depending on your business, social media will be crucial to your success. This is especially true for those who provide visual or tangible results from their services, like purchasing a product or receiving a treatment – For example, a medical spa, or a boutique. If you think you might be behind on current social media trends, here is a quick list of what your brand should be doing consistently.

Live Videos

People are almost always within reach of their phones, and real-time content is bigger than ever right now. What started as 24-hour Snapchat stories turned into Instagram and Facebook Stories, and now Facebook and Instagram give users the ability to share videos live as they are happening. To do it best, don’t just do a live video on the fly – This is a recipe for a mistake. Instead, plan what you will talk about and promote your live video ahead of time so users will know to watch.

Interactive Content

Social media users love content that allows them to interact and share their thoughts – Even something as mindless as a “would you rather” style Instagram poll will increase your engagement. Another way to encourage users to interact with your brand is to post user-generated content. This means sharing posts that your consumers create & tag you in that is related to your brand. When you start reciprocating the attention your brand is receiving, your traffic will increase even more.

Social Commerce

Pinterest developed buyable pins that set the tone for social commerce. Instagram shopping is also available now for those who link their inventory to a Facebook store. With this feature, Instagram business accounts can tag products in their posts which are then shoppable with one touch. Since more and more social media channels are getting on board with this concept, this could mean e-commerce websites needs to do more than just SEO on their site. It is time to make sure your products are listed across platforms to make the shopping experience even simpler and, in turn, maximize sales.

Paid Advertising

If your brand has a certain product or service they want to highlight, sponsoring a social media post will bring in the extra traffic you need. To make your sponsored post even more effective, consider making it interactive & adding an incentive. For example, a contest where a user is entered by sharing a post or tagging a friend. You can also make paid posts shoppable on some platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, or you can have them direct users to your website or social media profile.

The continuing increase in social media users & platform capabilities is not stopping any time soon, and it’s time to make sure your business is keeping up. For help with your social media strategy & search engine optimization, contact the professionals at Boston Web Marketing today.

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