5 SEO Tips to Bring With You in 2015

In with the new, out with the old – right? Wrong. Although SEO is constantly changing, whether it be an algorithm update or marketing tactic, there are some SEO tips take you should take with you into the new year!

1. One keyword, One topic.

Don’t try to confuse readers with bad SEO practices such as keyword stuffing. Keep your website optimized around one central idea. Also be sure that you are writing content with these keywords for your users, not search engines.

2. URL’s should be short and to the point.

By keeping your URL’s short and central to your page topic, it will make it easier for each page to be crawled and will help increase your page rankings.

3. Utilize ‘header’ tags.

These headers should clearly tell the reader and search engines what the topic of the page is. Header tags help tell a search engine the level of importance of the content by using <H2> and <H3> tags.

4. Mobile Search.

40% of organic search traffic came from mobile devices in 2014, which is a huge number! Take advantage of this number and be sure that your website is mobile-user friendly, which will inevitably rank better with Google.

5. Natural Link Building.

Even with the new year, Google will continue to use natural links as a main ranking factor. In 2015, you should closely monitor natural links to ensure that they are constantly updated and that they are coming from quality websites.



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