5 SEO Tips For Family Dentists

What’s the number one way someone finds a new dentist? For more and more people, the answer is Google. Most young professionals and young parents turn to their favorite search engine as soon as they move. As any dentist knows, getting a new patient (especially a family) is worth its weight in gold. So what can you do to get your local dental office to show up first for that next Google search? In this article, we will identify 5 important SEO tactics that can specifically help dentists rank higher on Google and Bing. These tactics complement the evergreen SEO strategies that all small businesses should use. For a completely tailored SEO strategy for your dental office, do not hesitate to contact our agency. We would be happy to provide a free website audit and strategize with you.

Optizime Long-Tail Keywords For Dental Services

If you simply Google “dentist” you might not get exactly what you are looking for. Most searches require key phrases and not just keywords. There are a few things every dentist should optimize for like “general dentist” but there are also many important long-tail keywords you can optimize for as well. If you provide Zoom teeth whitening or VELscope oral cancer screenings, you should add these keywords to your keyword strategy. So many dentists stop their keyword strategy at just the big searches like “family dentist”. By optimizing for both large keywords with high search volume and some niche key phrases you can pick up new patients who are looking for something specific. Additionally, one of the first searches everyone does when looking for a new dentist is “dentists that accept <my dental insurance>”. Many dentists make the mistake of not optimizing for insurance-based keywords. Optimizing for each insurance provider you accept goes a long way in getting new patients.

Off-Site SEO & Local Listings For Dentists

There are a few benefits to building out your off-site SEO strategy. First, backlinks are great for any website. Increasing the number of reputable/relevant websites that point to you is good for SEO. That is why most SEO agencies recommend listing websites like Yelp or Mapquest. Additionally, many industry-specific listing websites are designed to help patients find doctors or dentists. Building out these listings can create a new source of additional patients.

  • Industry-Specific Listings: As a dentist, there are a variety of directories you should consider creating accounts for. Websites like Zocdoc for example get thousands of sessions per day from users looking for a new doctor or dentist.
  • General Listings: Additionally it doesn’t hurt to create a few dozen listings on the more general small business directories. Every directory has its value from both funneling users to your website to also helping increase your website’s ranking factors.

Dental FAQs and Schema Markup

Let’s think like a patient. What are patients most likely searching that will lead them to a dentist? Of course, we already discussed how keyword planning can capture patients looking for “dentist that accepts my insurance” or “zoom teeth whitening near me”. But aside from appearing in searches about specific procedures, you should also appear in searches about specific problems. Parents are constantly searching about dental issues their kids may have. “Should I buy a mouthguard for my son if he plays soccer,” “why does my daughter have a toothache,” and “are dental x-rays safe” are all examples of searches with high volume. By creating FAQ sections on various pages of your website you increase the chances that someone will find your office online. Additionally FAQ schema can take this a step further and help make your website an industry leader in providing important dental information.

Dental Blogs & Articles

Many industries benefit from having a blog or resources tab. Medical industries including dentistry are among some of the top creators of blog content. It is easy to see why, patients ask questions constantly, so there is an endless need for reputable online content. Creating blogs that cover different dental procedures, new dental advancements, or simply educational content on how to best handle a dental emergency are all very beneficial. These articles can help encourage users to not only visit your website but to contact you as well.

Boosting Conversion Rate

Some of these aforementioned strategies aren’t new. And you may have already done them in the past or hired an agency to do them. But the key to SEO is optimization. If you have an FAQ that gets hundreds of sessions a month, but you aren’t seeing new patients, there are ways to optimize. Designing a page for Google and a page for people sometimes isn’t the same thing. Many pages rank on Google because from their robotic perspective they satisfy the search done by a user. But what if the website is hard to navigate, or it isn’t easy to get in contact with the business? This is where UI/UX comes in. By identifying which pages on your website have high traffic and low conversion rate, you can start making design changes that encourage users to not just read your content, but interact with it. Sometimes it’s as simple as setting up soft conversions. Getting web visitors to sign up for a mail list or to view your new patient special might not equate to an immediate influx in new patients, but it can help move users closer to that end.

SEO Strategies For Dentists

If you would like to rank higher on Google for specific searches, we can help. Our team works with dentists to help them not only rank well on Google, but turn that influx of traffic into new business. We offer free quotes and free website audits. For more information contact our office today.

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