5 SEO Techniques Beginners Need To Know In 2022

While 2021 is coming to a close, Search Engine Optimization or SEO will not be going anywhere in 2022. You would be surprised how many websites and business owners not fully taking advantage of basic SEO techniques and practices. Google undergoes multiple algorithm updates a year, so it is imperative for websites to update accordingly. Here are 5 simple, useful, and basic SEO methods you need to know how to implement in 2022.

1. Improving Website Speed

It is important to remember that your website’s page speeds are a ranking factor for SEO. In 2021, most people do not want to wait very long for a certain webpage to load. If you believe one of your web pages is not loading fast enough, chances are users will feel the same. Check your website’s optimization status monthly by using free tools such as Google’s Pagespeed Insights.

2. Updating Your Google My Business Profile Routinely

Google My Business also known as GMB, are free and resourceful profiles for website business owners. Google My Business profiles tend to do well in local search results because they yield relevant local reviews, questions & answers, photos. etc. Many businesses do not update their Google My Business profiles nearly enough and that is a mistake. Always stay one step ahead of your competitors by updating your GMB account.

3. Knowing How to Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another free SEO tool that will help you monitor your website’s presence and optimization. Google Search Console can tell you which web pages are ranking well, which are not, what keywords are working, and any errors with your site.

4. Linking Up

Have you noticed clickable words across a blog post or article you read? Chances are you have and those would be called “internal links”. Internal links will take you from one page on a website to another relevant one. External links are also great for SEO because Google considers them as a “vote of confidence” if used correctly.

5. The Right Content-Length

Content length is always a popular talking point when it comes to SEO. For SEO blogs, the word count should be at least 450 words but less than 1,000. Anything less than 400 words is often considered “thin content” but anything close or over 1,000 is too wordy. Keep in mind that most users do not want to read a blog post filled with too many words, but you still need to write enough content to satisfy Google’s algorithms.  It is about finding a happy medium when it comes to content length.

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