5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for the Healthcare Industry

Considering that 62% of smartphone owners use their devices to look up health information, it is important to have an online presence to attract patients and target the keywords that potential customers are searching for. Consider this, more and more people are finding healthcare providers via Google searches, and every year the search volume for common health-related questions continues to grow exponentially. Providing answers to questions can build trust with potential patients and help attract more people to both your website and your business. Here are 5 reasons why SEO is important for the healthcare industry.

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1. Expanding Visibility Online

One core benefit of SEO for your website is that it can increase your visibility to users online. SEO plays an important role in digital visibility. SEO strategies are designed to leverage content, website usability improvements, and other on-site and off-site tools to improve your site visibility in search engines. Search engines offer a straight forward service, when a user types in a request or a question, they need to match that user with the best available website. For this reason, search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithm to award websites that provide useful content and a good website experience. A fast website, that loads properly on different devices, and that has direct answers to questions and searches users are making is going to see an influx in organic traffic. With an SEO team on your side, you can improve your online visibility for a variety of searches. 

2. Bring in Visitors & Patients That Need You

SEO strategies can help drive traffic to your site, but more importantly, it can help you drive relevant traffic. While ranking for generic health-related questions can bring organic traffic to your website, not all of those users are potential patients or clients. You want attract users who are looking for medical support, a hospital, physician, or information about a specific procedure. SEO can help you do that by bringing these people straight to your site who are more likely to invest in your services. Beyond the SEO strategies used to increase your ranking on search engine results pages, a good digital marketing team can help develop pages that funnel users to contact you, setting up appointments, or making that initial contact. 

3. Market To Mobile Users

Many people are using smartphones to look for health information. Today, those people not only search for information but also schedule their appointments on the go. There are two SEO strategies that are important to consider here. Local SEO refers to a variety of techniques to improve how you rank for searches that are made from specific places. For example “urgent care near me,” by working on content on the website as well as listings off the site you can improve your ranking for these contextual location-based searches. Additionally, making your site mobile friendly is a strong way to improve traffic to the site from mobile search. Even if you site has great content, if the website is not mobile friendly search engines might not rank it for mobile users. 

4. Beat Your Competitors with SEO Strategies

You need to be able to tap into those local search trends and new content opportunities to make sure your patients see you first for medical assistance. By providing better content & a better website experience you can build trust in users coming to your website. Think of a website like a storefront. The way it looks creates a first impression. An outdated website with broken links can make users feel like you are not reparable compared to a more modern site with recent content. Updating your content on your website can show users that you are an active practice. Show patients why they should choose you instead of someone else.

5. Improve User Experience

You should regularly analyze and modify your website to keep it up to date and with the changing trends. They change often with the times in accordance to what users want. Then you make the necessary changes to your website as to not lose any of your audience. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find information on a website and not being able to. This is an easy way to lose a customer.

Regardless of what position you have in the medical industry, you should understand the importance of SEO. Today, the first thing a customer or patient looks at when considering a business to purchase a service or product from is a website. Let them find you first to gain their business first!

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