5 Principles of A Good Website

Designing a website is a time-consuming process that is necessary to create strong customer trust and user experience. An effective and well-built website should convey a strong message about your company, brand, and product offering all while keeping the viewer engaged. A strong and successful website includes a call to action, proper form, well-thought-out aesthetics, and great functionality.

Here Are Our Top Tips To Create A Top-Tier Website:


Have A Purpose

When designing a website you need to keep in mind the needs and wants of the audience you want to attract. Having a strong and set intention will allow you to help your users interact with your site which will generate future leads.

Good Aesthetics

Having a cohesive aesthetic is a good way to create consistency on your site. Factors that should be considered include consistency, colors, typography, and imagery. Consistency among typography and colors has a powerful effect on messaging and allows you to evoke a strong response. Finding the right color palette for your brand and company will allow you to increase customer engagement and invoke a good response from the user.


A strong website has both great design and great content as well. Having great content with strong keywords is a great way to attract customers and visitors to your website. Strong content is a key way to influence visitors to become customers, a way to do so is by formulating blog content that is rich with keywords that evokes a response from your clientele.


Fast Load Time

Having a website that loads quickly will only benefit you and your business. Websites that take a while to load will lose visitors. An average time for site load is two seconds or less, anything more than that poses the risk of losing visitors. If you need assistance with decreasing your site’s load time, contact Boston Web Marketing today! We would be happy to give your website a complete audit to see how we can help you improve your site and overall SEO.


Easy To Use Navigation

Have you ever been on a site and found it hard to understand how to use and travel from page to page within the site? You more than likely ended up giving up on the site and traveling to a different site with stronger and easier-to-use navigation. That is why it is key to keep navigation easy and non-confusing, that way you allow visitors to find what they are looking for and increase the overall retention rate.


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