5 Metrics To Measure The Success of Facebook Videos

When it comes to internet trends within digital marketing, two things come to mind. Those two things are mobile and video. Mobile being the new device to view any and all content on and video being the the king of kings in delivering content to your audience. The question begs of why is video so great at converting over other marketing variables? The answer is that it is more human, and connects the audience with the brand or product more. Video offers experiences with the brand, emotional connection and makes the view feel they are there while creating a sense of excitement.
With this knowledge, Facebook has made it a huge importance to give publishers as much feedback with their videos as possible. Facebook understands the importance of videos as it has seen a huge surge in video content being published on the platform while also implementing their own video stream service with Facebook Live. If you have Facebook videos floating around the social media giant, here are some metrics to keep an eye on in order to continue creating successful video content.

View Through Rate

This metric shows how many people your video reaches across Facebook as well as how many of those that were reached actually viewed your video. A view is considered when a video has been watched for at least three seconds. To engage with your target audience you will want to connect emotionally right out the gate with a view considered as the first three seconds watched. To test which content is more engaging, try some A/B testing and track the 10-second view rate to see how strong a video it is. If 30 percent of your audiences watches at least 10 seconds of your video then you have some worthy content that will more than likely be watched.

10-Second Video Views

As mentioned in the section above, monitoring your 10-second views is important to gauge how good the content in your video actually is. Does your video produce engaging content that makes audiences stay on your video? Do viewers leave after a few seconds of the video? All of these questions play into the success of your Facebook Video. You want to know how many of the overall videos views leads to 10-second views. As mentioned before, if at least 10 seconds are being viewed then you are on the right track to a successful video campaign.

Video Engagement

When it comes to any type of content whether it be video or just regular posts, positive engagement is important in the success rate of that content. This especially goes for content on social media platforms such as Facebook. If your video gets negative feedback then it can compromise the reach of the video as well as compromising your future content. That is because if your fans see that you produced a couple of bad videos they may not trust you to come up with any good content in the future. To make sure you are getting the right type of feedback, look for positive engagement such as likes, comments and shares of a that video.

Video Average Watch Time

When it comes to video we now know that if a video is viewed for more than three seconds it is considered a view. If fans watch 10 seconds or more on of your video than you have a high level of engagement with your content. If the average watch time is higher than 10 seconds then you have content that people are consuming and the results are positive coming from that video. If you can get your video watch time up to 15 seconds or more than you know that you are delivering content in your audiences interests that sparks engagement. This not only helps the video itself but helps your brand and content gain exposure with all of the likes and shares.

Video Length

When it comes to good quality video engagement, you will want to have a video length of between 20 to 90 seconds as length beyond that will cause your engagement to suffer. Within Facebook, however, there are placements where your video must be 15 seconds or less. With the goal of engaging your audience within the first 10 seconds, these placements actually help you even more. The factor to keep in mind with your videos and their length is that you will want t keep your audience engaged after 15 seconds of watching. If they are not then you may have to create another video with more compelling content.
A tip for when creating video for Facebook is that all videos will start to play with no sound. This is the perfect time to add captions to your videos so the viewer knows what the video is about before clicking on the sound icon to get the full experience. That way it’s easier to let your fans know what the video is about beforehand.


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