5 Methods That Encourage Customer Reviews

When it comes to running a business, having a great looking website that gives you conversions, leads, is great but it is not the main factor in getting business. Customer reviews of your business have huge impacts on the traffic to your website and amount of business you may get. Depending on how good or bad reviews are about your services can directly impact future leads. This is because searchers will use those reviews as guidelines to ultimately decide if they want to go with your business or not. To help you get more positive reviews about your business, read about these five different tactics that will help customers leave reviews.

Claim All Business Pages

One of the first steps you need to take in getting more reviews is to ensure that you have ways for your customers to easily leave reviews in multiple areas on the web. You can do this by either creating or claiming the business pages on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other review platforms. These platforms are easy to find on the web and are what most people use to look for reviews before going with a company or service.

Ask Customers For Reviews

The most simple way to garner reviews is to simply reach out to your customers to ask them for reviews. The main reason that business owners shy away from this method is that they often feel like they are being too pushy or intrusive. If you are worried about this then there are a couple of workarounds you can do.

  • Emails – If you run any type of business that has email marketing then you can set up an email to send to your customers to ask for reviews. This is a common way many businesses gather reviews so your customers will be comfortable getting these emails and leaving a review. In the email, you can include a link that goes directly to whatever review platform you are looking to increase reviews on.
  • Thank You Page – If your site has a contact form on it then you probably have it redirected to a thank you page once the form has been submitted. On this page, you can add a link so people can leave reviews for more direct and quicker results.
  • Discounts – To help boost your reviews, consider offering those who leave a review a discount or a coupon. This will give you a higher chance of getting reviews as you are giving your audience an incentive if they leave a review.

Focus On the Platforms Your Customers Are Using

While there are tons of different reviewing platforms out there, you will want to hone in on the ones that your customers are using. You wouldn’t want to send them to unknown territory as it will often result in no reviews at all as they could get frustrated with trying to figure out how to use the platform and ultimately leaving the site. Stick with popular platforms such as Facebook, Google reviews, and Yelp as they cater to wide ranges of industries and are the most popular on the web.

Respond to Reviews

This aspect of reviews is one that is often overlooked by business owners but is very important. When you respond to customer reviews, you are showing your customers that their opinions are taken into consideration and that will lead to a great work relationship. Although you could be done with their project, a good review response could make them want to use your business again. Customers love to feel like they are listened and are being heard and responding to them is the best way to do it. This is just as true with negative reviews as well. You don’t want to leave the review untouched as it could show that you don’t care for your customer’s opinions and could turn off potential new customers. When responding to negative reviews, focus on the complaint, take responsibility, apologize, and most importantly be polite.  Avoid any back and forth by taking the conversation offline and in your response leave a way for the customer to contact you directly so you can resolve the issue further.

Look Into Paid Review Programs

While “paid reviews” may sound like a red flag, and unofficial reviews programs definitely are red flags, there are new and legitimate services that offer to help with reviews with payment. One of these programs is Amazon Vine, which allows vendors to send reviewers products for free in exchange for honest reviews. This is a great way to not only boost your reviews but also to help increase your brand awareness. The only thing with this option is that you should be 100% certain the program is legit as using unofficial programs could result in serious consequences.

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