5 Local Search Features You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Did you know that 98.2 percent of all businesses in the United States have less than 100 employees and 89.0 percent of them have less than 20? It’s important to realize that the majority of the businesses that function in our country are considered small business and function as local product and service providers. What many of those businesses may not know is that they could utilize local search features to their advantage and gain more business. Here are five focal search features that all small and local businesses should be using.

1). Search Queries and Keywords

It used to be very difficult to search for keywords on your Google My Business listing but after the July 2018 update, it’s now easier than ever. You can now see what people have searched to find your business and tailor your keywords to match what users are searching and potentially rank better.

2). Google My Business Messaging

The whole objective of Google My Business is to make you get found quicker. Why make the customer go to your website to message when you can have them contact you right there on the spot! (Open the Google My Business app –> Tap Customers –> Messages –> Turn On)

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available through the desktop dashboard, but that shouldn’t deter you from setting it up. Messaging is a great way for customers to get in contact with you without having to pick up the phone and call.

NOTE: as great as this feature may be, it’s pivotal that you have a person on your end who is ready to respond in a timely fashion. The last thing customers want is to inquire about a specific product or service and not hear back for hours or even days.

3). Product Listings

Most people only use Google My Business and local search features for entering basic company data and pictures, but using it to sell your products can only help. Depending on what category your business is listed in, you will have the ability to add a collection of products. You can do so by going into the desktop dashboard and following these steps:

Navigate to the Products tab –> Click + Add Products –> Give the Collection a name and description –> Add a product (you’ll need a photo, product name, price, and description) –> Finish off by pressing Add collection to save.

4). Service Listings

If your company offers services instead of products, there’s a place for you as well! Google My Business also has a specialized tab to add your services, similar to that of a menu that a restaurant would have. The only downfall to this is that there is no way to link your services to your website, so it’s important to provide as much information as possible.

5). Additional Business Information

You’d think after all these years Google My Business would have added a feature to include your email but sadly not. Using the description section is a great place to put that as well as other business information like what sets you apart from other businesses, your history, and special deals. Adding as much about your business as humanly possible can help give customers a better understanding of your business and if it’s the right choice.

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