5 Headline Writing Tips to Increase SEO

The headline is just as important, if not more important than the content itself. This simple, short string of words affects whether someone will scroll right past your post or decide to click into it and read the content in its entirety. Make sure to put thought into creating your headline, because people and search engines will take notice. Here are five tips to keep in mind when writing your next headline.


Do your keyword research before writing anything; content or headline. Make sure to include the keywords for your business or specific piece of content to attract both readers and search engines. The keywords should match the information in the blog so readers can tell right away whether the article will be useful to them. Include keywords in the headline and be sure to sprinkle them into the content as well to boost SEO performance.

Know Your Audience

Make sure to appeal to your audience! The first step is to identify who this piece of content is meant to attract. From there, you’re able to put yourself into their shoes and figure out what type of content they’d be interested in reading and what type of headline will grab their attention. Make your content relatable!


Using numbers in your headline helps to organize the content, makes it easier for readers to digest and grabs the reader’s attention. Statistically, using a numbered list in your headline drives clicks and can ultimately boost your SEO ranking. A numbered list creates specific takeaways for readers which adds value to the content.

Brainstorm Multiple Headlines

When it comes to creating headlines, don’t settle for the first thing that comes to mind. Once you’ve thought of one, keep thinking of more. Once the creative juices are flowing, you’ll likely come up with something much more appealing than your first idea.

Keep it Simple

Your headline should be creative, but not so clever that readers get confused. From the headline, readers should be able to tell what the article is about and how it will be useful to them. Keep in mind that simple doesn’t have to mean short, but a clear and concise title is never a bad idea.

Before you decide on a headline and publish your piece of content, ask yourself if you would click on the post after only seeing the headline. If you would, great. If not, keep thinking!

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