5 Facebook Ads Pitfalls To Avoid

When it comes to marketing and advertising on the web, Facebook Ads have been becoming more popular over the years. This is because their ads have massive reach within the Facebook community as well as custom audience targeting that allows you to reach your exact target market. The only downside with Facebook Ads is that, much like most advertising platforms, if the creative aspect isn’t there to attract your audience’s eyes then your campaign could suffer. To avoid this outcome, you will want to be mindful of common Facebook creative pitfalls to stay clear of if you want to have a successful ad campaign within Facebook.

Not Having A Testable Target

Just like with any type of advertising you do, unless you have a massive budget, you will want your ad dollars to be spent so that there is a good return on investment (ROI). This is why you shouldn’t waste any money trying to increase brand awareness or increase your page likes. While you ultimately want your page to have a good following, we advise staying away from spending money to do so. Rather, you should focus your Facebook Ads to aim for conversions. To ideally have the scenario where your ad reaches the attention of the desired audience, who are ready to but and immediately click on your ad to get to your website to make a purchase or any other conversion you seem fit for your business.

Lack of Ad Design Variation

In the age of “feed scrolling,” marketers have to come up with ways to disrupt their audience’s feed so that their ads are not looked over. To do this you will need an eye-catching creative that share’s your overall message/goal of the ad. Like with fashion trends, ad trends are always changing so you will want to be mindful of what is popular in the Facebook ad space. With this in mind, you should also have different variations of your ad so that you hit different target groups who like certain types of ads as well as avoiding saturation with your ads.  Below are great examples of how you can diversify your ad portfolio for your campaign:

  • Less is More – minimalist design creates a calm space that presents an easier place to rest your eyes in a busy community on Facebook.
  • Eye Contact – ads with people making eye-contact with the viewer is a great way to grab attention and make an ad feel personal.
  • Limit Text – use as little text as possible as Facebook will reject wordy ads.
  • Motion – play with the degree of movement in your ads by trying slow, fast and cinemographs.
  • Be Funny – Facebook was made to get away from everyday life and relax so cater to that and give the people what they want.
  • Interactive – the best ads are the ones users choose to engage or interact with. With Facebook being a more on-the-go type platform, their story ads (like on Instagram) are perfect as they entice users to “swipe up” for more info.

Failing To Design Your Audience

What sets Facebook ads apart from all other ad platforms is that you can custom create your target audience to the do. Allowing marketers to have their ads reach their ideal customers, so you will not want to miss the mark on this part of the creative. If you target too broad then your ad may fall flat and not reach anyone, and if you have multiple markets to reach you should segment your overall audience to have an ad for each creative.

Having Rules About What Works

With ad trends always changing you should try to avoid decisions about what design works and what doesn’t. On top of trends changing, customer behavior also changes and their interests. To avoid having your design fade into the world of old trends, you should have three to five for every ad set. This way you can test out different ad forms to see what performs best with your audience.

Using Vanity Metrics

As mentioned in the beginning, the most important metric to look at and have your ads aimed towards is a good ROI. When testing ads, make sure to measure ad spend versus the sales or leads generated and have the lifetime value per customer acquired must outweigh the cost per acquisition.

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