5 Content Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make This Year

Having a functioning website with content that promotes your brand and showcases your services is an important aspect of having a business.  Not having a blog, or not keeping a consistent blog, can potentially cause you to miss out on leads, traffic opportunities, and loss of audience interest.

As we move into a new year of content development, here are a few mistakes you want to avoid making this year.

  1. Not maintaining a consistent blog schedule – Keeping an editorial calendar of blog topics relevant to your website is beneficial in the long run.  With a plan of blog posts, it’s easier to keep track of your content and aids in creating content that’s appropriate for certain times of the year.
  2. Not creating quality content – Along with maintaining the content schedule, you also want to make sure that you’re producing quality content over the quantity content.  Thoroughly research the topics you’re writing about, use relevant keywords, proofread the content, and take a look at your competitor’s content to get ideas and inspiration.  The better content you have on your site, the higher you’ll rank in search results.
  3. Not maintaining a social media presence – Simply having a social media account isn’t enough.  Post relevant content on your social media profiles that will attract readers.  Engage with your users by responding to their comments.  Another way to add to your social media presence is to post your blogs on sites like Facebook and Twitter where users can share your content.
  4. Not writing for your audience – What does your audience look like?  Take a good look at the demographic of users that visit your site and create your content around them.  Knowing your audience makes it easier figure out what and how to write content appealing to visitors.
  5. Not optimizing for mobile – Now-a-days, most searches are conducted by a mobile device.  When it comes to writing for your audience, it’s also important to consider how users will be visiting your site, and it will most likely be on their phone.  Users conduct searches on their phone to find quick information that they can easily understand.  Write content that will grasp a reader’s attention with easy-to-read, simple-language content.

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