5 Common Contact Page Mistakes

contact page mistakes

5 Common Contact Page Mistakes

If you are in an industry that revolves around building leads or reaching out to potential customers through your contact page. Having the right content for your content page can improve your user experience and SEO. We’ve listed 5 common mistakes that you should be avoiding.

  1. Just a form. If you are displaying a simple form that gives no option of allowing your customers to fill in their details, you are naturally giving a bad impression to your customers that you are not considering their needs to contact you. By adding a name, number, email and comment box should be the standard. Keep the form short and clear.

  2. Outdated information. A contact page is easily neglected when important information’s been updated. If you have recently moved offices or changed your email address. Make sure you update your website and contact page right away otherwise your customers will be circling around your site without knowing how to contact you.

  3. Making sure they can contact you privately. List out other ways customers can reach out to you. Does social media count? Yes, it does. If you are proactive with Twitter, make sure it is there for them to interact with you personally, however, don’t list out social media you don’t often check. This will lead to bad user experience.

  4. Not having a contact page at all. It’s probably the most obvious contact page mistake but it does happen. Every website should have a contact page. It is there to help customers reach out to you if they have any further questions or business inquiries. Make sure it’s clear how they can get in touch.

  5. Errors. Having a contact form that doesn’t work will not only be poor customer experience but also a waste of their time. Correct any errors to avoid potential customers from moving on to another website.
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