5 Blogging Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Blogging is one of the most crucial elements of SEO strategy. It is a tried and true method to increase your ranking and attract new visitors to your site. The only problem? It can be difficult to write good material, and it can be even harder to write optimized material, especially if you aren’t sure what to do. For those who are stuck in this scenario, check out these 5 most common blogging mistakes to avoid!

1. You Aren’t Researching Your Keywords

In spite of recent advancements to prioritize content quality over basic elements such as internal links and meta titles, keywords remain the cornerstone of SEO. Google uses keywords to determine the subject of your search and it’s relevancy, so it is crucial to incorporate the correct keywords in order to communicate this to Google. Always do some keyword research so you know what to include when you are writing!

2. You Neglect Your Meta Descriptions

Your meta title may be the first thing your viewer sees, but they will next look to your meta descriptions for additional information. This is where you hook the viewer into believing this is the best search result for them and to click on the link. Don’t leave it to the search engine to generate its own version; create your own, complete with keywords and a supplementary description that elaborates on what the title implies. Your rankings and clickthrough rate will only improve from it.

3. Your Title Doesn’t Suit The Content

You write an awesome title first, and then begin writing, only to find that your end result isn’t quite what your title hyped it up to be. This is a mistake a lot of people make, and it is a problem. Visitors come after being enticed by the title, only to find that the content is not quite what they were looking for, and make a quick exit. This leads to a missed opportunity to have a browser complete reading the article and check out more, wasting a successful clickthrough. To avoid this, write your piece first with an idea in mind, and then based on what is written, provide a suitable title.

4. You’re Not Blogging Frequently Enough

Blogging is great for attracting leads, but if you want people to keep coming back, you need to blog more. Frequent postings establish yourself as a reliable source of information and will increase the number of repeat visitors to your site. Returning visitors tend to be a lot more valuable than newcomers, and it will do wonders for your SEO. As for how frequently, you ideally want to post once a week at minimum. If you are a services site or a site that provides products, the amount of blogging required goes up significantly. Just make sure that in increasing the output of content on your site, you are not decreasing on quality.

5. You Don’t Include Internal and External Links

Remember, Google finds and indexes new sites based on the links it encounters. Therefore, it helps to implement as many links as you can, both to other areas of your site, and external sites. Internal links help visitors more easily travel to another area of your website, keeping them on your site for longer and boosting your SEO. External links help associate your site with other sites, implying that your site has relevancy in areas beyond what is covered within the site. This, as you can guess, also gives you a significant boost in SEO.

Professional Blogging & SEO Service in Boston, MA

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