5 Best Practices For Landing Pages

A landing page on your website is one of the most important as it will be the first thing users see once they land. A landing page aims to give users relevant information based on their intent. Whether they are ready to buy or schedule an appointment or are not prepared to purchase or schedule an appointment, your landing page should give them easy instructions on how to do so or demonstrate how your business can provide insight and value to help convince them to buy or schedule an appointment. Discover the five best practices below for creating great landing pages to drive sales and convert new users into customers.

Write The Perfect Headline

The headline of your landing page is the first thing users will see as it sums up what the page will be about. Many users may read the headline fully and then skim the content, as not everyone wants to read a novel. Ensure your headline is catchy yet informative so it will grab users from the start. This will make them more included to read or read and then skim the remainder of your landing page. Be sure that this headline includes targeted keywords and is clear to the user what the page is about.

Make Each Landing Page Unique

Not only is unique content key for your SEO strategy but ensuring each landing page is different will also make users more inclined to stay and click around longer. For a campaign you are setting up, the landing page must be designed for that campaign only. Mixing up baseball and beauty campaigns can be very confusing for users if they search for a makeup-related keyword and land on a landing page designed for baseball bats. Staying true to your content and ensuring the pages are directed properly will keep users engaged with their unique content for that campaign.

Use Engaging Call To Action

CTAs are the most important part of your landing page because they allow new leads to reach your business. Without a button, users will find it harder to contact you, whether calling, placing an order, or submitting a form. When it’s too hard for users to contact you or find precisely what they are looking for, they will often leave and find another website that is a clear communicator. Make sure the buttons stand out from the rest of the page so they are visible and throughout the page so users do not have to scroll up or down too much to convert. 

Choose Proper Images

The images on your landing page are just as important as the content you write. A user is more likely to remember your content if they have images on the landing page. Use images that highlight someone using your product or service to give users a better idea of what is being shown/offered to them. They are more likely to remember this content if the image is from your business and not just a random stock photo. These images should help conversions, not distract your users and prevent them from converting. 

Don’t Overcomplicate Forms

Another important practice for creating great landing pages is to keep your form simple. The form on the landing page is what users will use to convert and contact you about your product or service. Keep it basic with only the critical information needed from users: name, address, email, phone, etc. This will prevent them from feeling overwhelmed when filling out a form and deciding to leave the website instead of converting.  

Create Optimized Landing Pages With Boston Web Marketing

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