5 Benefits of Using a Social Media Management Tool

Social media evolves constantly, and in order to be successful, a business needs to be consistently posting quality content across multiple platforms. With management tools such as Hootsuite or Tailwind, users no longer have to interrupt their workflow every time they need to post to social media. These platforms allow you to schedule multiple posts in one sitting, allowing you to streamline your feed and adding other countless benefits to your social media strategy. Your business could be maximizing its social media potential a by using a management tool.

Improving Team Work

Since social media management tools allow users to see all scheduled posts in a calendar-like format, you can have more than one person working on your accounts with less confusion. This eliminates the potential of two team members posting at the same time, or posting duplicate content. It also allows you to see whether or not someone has responded to a message, so you can keep up your engagement without sending the same response twice.

Planning Promotions

Social media management tools allow you to schedule your content strategically. This means that if you are looking to promote a sale or event, you can easily integrate it with your regular content. You can map out ahead of time exactly how many posts you wish to dedicate to the promotion, and make sure each post flows smoothly with the next.

Posting Outside of Normal Hours

Just because you are in the office does not mean people are on social media & seeing your content. Management platforms allows you to schedule posts during prime posting hours, instead of only when you’re at your desk or phone. The ability to schedule also means that you can ensure that your social media accounts will remain active even if you are personally on vacation or out of office.

Monitoring Feeds in One Place

Instead of having to look into the analytics on each separate platform, scheduling tools allow you to monitor all of your linked accounts on one screen. This feature allows you to see and compare progress on the different platforms with ease. You can also scroll through different feeds on one screen. Platforms compile regular reports of your

Increasing Efficiency

With a social media management tool, you can schedule your entire monthly content calendar in one sitting instead of taking time each day you want to post. This not only leads to less interruptions in your work flow for a minor task, but also eliminates the potential of forgetting to post! You can also schedule the same post for more than one platform, instead of taking time to post to each individually. This saves time and improves your brands consistent messaging across platforms.

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