4 Ways to Use Google Trends

Google Trends, formally known as Insights for Search, can be your best friend —  if you use it right.  Here are 4 ways to use Google Trends for SEO.

  1. Keyword Research

This may seem obvious, but many people overlook Google Trends and use Keyword Planner or other industry standard tools instead. Trends can suggest new keywords based on different criteria than those used in Keyword Planner. There will be some non-relevant keywords provided but it can give you great insight on how customers are thinking and how they are searching.

  1. Compare Search Trends Across Google’s Search Engines

How do you get the best insights?  Specify your search options.  These are web search, image search, news search, google shopping, and YouTube Search.  Each click gives you results on different parts of potential markets.


  1. Predict Seasonal Peaks

This is one of the most common uses for Google Trends. You can use this to predict consumer demand. By looking at the search query graphs, you can plan your content strategy accordingly. For example, if you are a roofing contractor, you can analyze search trends to find out what time of year most homeowners are looking into replacing their roof. You can plan your content or PPC ad campaigns to peak in spending at the same time.


  1. Reactive Content

Google Trends provides real-time search data. This is valuable information to have for content marketing because you can write content based on real-time trends to try to capture some of the search traffic that these queries are getting. Obviously, you’ll want to write about trends that are related to your industry but this is a good way to come up with new ideas, blog topics and talk about current events.

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