4 Ways To Succeed At Local PPC

Local PPC is the best way for any brick & mortar business to advertise their service/products, and get their name out there. There are few better ways to maximize foot traffic and get more nearby people to pop in for a visit. That being said, it can be difficult to find success in PPC and maximize the use of your budget. Here are 4 ways you can get an edge on the competition, and succeed at local PPC.

Claim Your Local Listing

Before you start putting money into anything, secure your listing on Google first! Leaving your business listing open for malpractice not only is bad branding, but it also deprives you of a vital SEO/PPC channel. As what people see whenever they Google your business or click on it in maps, it is vital that your Google My Business page communicates what you are, and has plenty of ratings, photos, and actionable options (links to your website, menus, reservation/booking information, etc.). To claim your business, you will have to provide the address for them to send your confirmation code to. This typically takes about 10-15 business days.

Location Or Service?

If you do not have multiple locations then you won’t have to worry about this, but if you do, or if you have customers coming from multiple locations throughout the area, then this is something you will have to think about when you set up your campaign. Basically, you will have to ask yourself the question of whether you want to organize your campaign by location or service.

If each of the markets you serve has several differences between them, then location will likely be the best choice for you. For example, if one location of your restaurant is near a university, and another is in a more family-oriented neighborhood, then targeting them individually by location allows you to create unique campaigns that cater to each market’s differing preferences.

If your business offers multiple services that will be sought individually, then organizing by service is probably your best bet. A good example would be a car garage that offers several services ranging from tire sale and replacements to engine tune-ups to fixing brakes. Trying to condense all of those services into one campaign would simply result in a muddled mess of an advertising strategy, so making multiple campaigns that target different aspects of your store would likely be your best bet.

Leverage Your Knowledge Of The Local Community

When it comes to leveraging what you know, a surprising amount of business owners fail to this and integrate their knowledge of the local community into the community. For example, if you own a local store and you have a certain bestseller for coffee, mention that you carry the coffee in the description of your ads. Another example would be including pictures of local landmarks that you are within close proximity to in your Google My Business page, using local slang and phrases and utilize local seasonalities (for example, if you are located in the North End, mention the upcoming feast as a way to gain knowledge of the city.

Localize Landing Pages

Since there is less room for utilizing your local knowledge in your ads and your Google My Business page, the landing page of your website is the best place to maximize your knowledge of the local area. Demonstrating your understanding of the local area helps build trust and empathy between you and visitors. Some examples of localizing landing pages include displaying local awards that you have won, local images that show real staff/customers inside the business(no stock photos), and of course content that shows local knowledge about how your company works.

As you can see, there are numerous methods that you can incorporate into the online advertising strategy that makes you stand out from the rest. If you feel like you could benefit from having some help managing your online presence, our team over at Boston Web Marketing can help. We have a strong team of website experts & PPC specialists that have a strong background in building and managing websites and advertising that generates conversions. If you feel like you could benefit from our expertise, contact us at 857-526-0096, or fill out an online inquiry form. We’d love to work with you!

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