4 “Must-Knows” for Google My Business Marketing

For marketers in the digital age, one of the major tenants when it comes to web marketing is to make sure you’re playing nice with Google.

The internet giant provides many opportunities businesses to increase their visibility and target ideal customers. However, even the smallest businesses that rely on local marketing efforts to drive customers to their stores can benefit from building out their Google My Business (GMB) Page.

Local search statistics on Google indicate that consumers value when a search result points them to a nearby store or service. 74% of consumers that conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a local business within 24 hours. 28% of those visits lead to a purchase.

Thankfully, businesses both large and small can utilize Google My Business to help provide local search results with detailed product and service descriptions for local consumers. Here are four ways in which you can optimize your Google My Business page.

Adding Direct Bookings to your Google My Business listing

Convenience is key when attempting to convert online users into customers. This is where Google My Business Direct Bookings tool comes in handy.

Users searching for an immediate service or product can simply click the direct bookings button when your business page comes up. In addition, businesses can also add similar call-to-actions on their page such as telephone calls, consultations, and even medical appointments.

Completing 100% of all GMB Business Info

When you create a GMB page, you’re likely competing with similar businesses in a nearby town or location. In order to target local consumers make sure your GMB Business info is as accurate as possible.

For example, GMB allows you to target multiple service areas based on nearby zip codes. Businesses can add, and filter out zip codes, based on where their ideal customer is likely located.

Other important business information including services offered, business and customer photos, phone number, address, holiday hours, amenities, and general descriptions also help your customers find your location.

The business information page on GMB is extremely detailed: use it to your advantage. Business with multiple locations or franchises can build out multiple pages that differentiate by store number, opening date, and unique labels.

Leveraging GMB Posts and Community Engagement Features

Google My Business is a great way for businesses to educate, entertain, and interact with their customers through its content and community engagement features.

GMB Posts allow businesses to quickly share blog posts, coupons, promotions, and announcements in an easy to follow format. Business that post more frequently are likely to out-rank local competitors in customer searches.

Community engagement features on GMB such as direct messaging and responding to user reviews can also help build upon customer satisfaction efforts. Use these tools to share and celebrate happy customers while also addressing potential customer issues and pain points.

Providing Photos and Videos of Your Business

Online users increasingly want more visual content in the form of photos or videos. Make sure that any visual assets available are viewable on GMB.

GMB has a specialized location for videos that allow businesses to tell quick visual stories about what is happening, how they got to where they are, and how they aim to provide customers with the best possible product/service.

As mentioned before, photos are a big part of making sure your business’s information is accurate. However, GMB photos are also a great way to make new posts, share customer experiences, and announce new updates.

If you’re just starting to leverage Google My Business, you should understand that it takes time to build your business’s page and effective reach local customers. However, once you’ve master GMB you should start to see growth on those valuable local conversions.

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