4 Ways to Improve Your Content to Increase Rankings

There are always improvements that can be made to the content on your website to help increase the rankings on search result pages for the keywords and locations you are highlighting as well as conversions. By thinking outside of the box, tapping into your creative side, and optimizing properly, you’ll see your rankings increase in no time!

Optimizing Titles, Meta Descriptions & H Tags

Before posting any new content, be sure to optimize your titles and meta descriptions with the keywords and locations you are highlighting. These are the two main areas Google pulls information from when indexing websites for users once a search query is submitted.
When you’re going through and optimizing the actual content of the page, using header tags in the proper order H1 (only used once on a page, usually for the content title), H2, H3, and so on, will help seperate the content for both the user and search engine. A best practice is to aim for at least three different header tags on the page and include the taget keyword and location in those header tags. For example, if you are writing content about roofing services in Boston, Massachusetts you might have a section specific to roofing services in Boston, MA as one header tag, a section specific to the business in another header tag, and a section dedicated to recent projects as another header tag.

Quality Images

Images are a great way to improve the content on your website. Not only do they break up the copy, but they also serve as an opportunity to further promote the projects your business has recently completed. When adding images make sure the image is resized and in the proper format to help it load faster as well as optimized the alt text on the image so search engines can properly crawl it.

Add Customer Reviews

Adding reviews to service pages and service area pages on your website is an easy way to further convince a user to convert and seek additional information about your services. Are you hesitant on tooting your own horn? Just remember the last time you went to purchase a product or hire services, the reviews always make a huge difference when it comes to spending money. Use your positive reviews to your advantage.
If you want to take the next step, try adding Schema to your reviews to get those testimonials pulled into search results. This Schema will also add stars to the ranking on Google, which can further entice a user to visit your website.

Calls to Action & Contact Forms

Great content can only get you so far in the process of converting users to paying customers. To help push the process along, include calls to action throughout your content and an easy to use contact form. Contact forms should be short, sweet, and to the point especially when it comes to general inquiries – name, email, and message inputs will work perfectly! When placing the contact form on the page itself, the higher up the page, the better. If you can place it before the fold, it will make a huge difference on the amount of inquiries that are received.

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