4 Ways To Grow Your Email List

As we wrote about before, email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to spread your message and convert users. You can sign up for a platform like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact and use out-of-the-box templates to start marketing your services to your email list. From there you can segment your email lists to improve your open and click through rates. But how do you grow your email list?

4 Tips To Grow Your Email List

Before you can start sending out email blasts to your subscribers, you have to get subscribers! How can you grow you a list from 0 to 100? Or from 100 to a 1000? Here are a few tips:
Incentivize Users: Many smaller businesses looking to grow their email lists turn to incentives to grow their list. Promotions like, “Sign up for our email list to save $5 off your next order”. You can even set up an automatic response to new subscribers giving them a discount! This is a great way to grow your list.
Utilize Your Website: Where do users go first to learn about you? Your website! A great place to put email list signups on your site is on your website footer. This is a non-invasive way of asking your users to join your email list. If they are on your site, chances are they are interested in what you have to offer.
Pop-Ups: This one is tricky, and should be done careful! Website pop-ups can be annoying and intrusive. However, there are ways you can program you pop-up to only come up in certain situations. One way to do this is to pop into your Google Analytics. See how many pages a user usually visits per session. Many pop-up plugins give you the option to only pop up after x number of page views. Feel free to play around with this and see what works.
Your Location: Lastly, and maybe the most effective way to grow you email list, is your actual location. If you are a retail store or restaurant this is easy to do. Simply leave an email list sign-up at check out. If you are a restaurant, you can leave a slip in with this bill to have people sign up if they are so inclined.

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