4 Video Social Marketing Myths Debunked

In the marketing world, video is a trend that is on the rise and is here to stay. Today, we’re watching four times more Facebook Live content and 80 percent more video content on Instagram than we did a year ago. However, with great success comes rumors and myths that audiences may believe are true. Below are four myths about video social media marketing and how they can be debunked.

Myth #1: Beautiful Video Requires Professional Editing

One of the big reasons that companies hold back on using video as a platform to get their messages and ideas across is because of the cost. It is expensive to rent quality equipment and shoot and edit a video with professional editing systems. However, this is not the case now that advanced DIY platforms are emerging in the marketing industry.
These platforms include WeVideo and Promo, that are filled with beautiful and professionally shot video clips as well as music options you can insert into your video. You can do all this and produce a quality video without breaking the bank in your video marketing budget. What makes these platforms great is the ability to customize your videos, like with Promo where you can add your logo and text titles to your videos.

Myth #2: All Mobile-Friendly Video Needs To Be Vertical

As the mobile trend started to rise, marketers believed that people only had patience for vertically oriented video frames. However, this myth is simply not true as social media platforms such as Facebook are encouraging square video. The social media giant published a recommendation for brands to switch to square video as these formatted videos demonstrate a greater ad recall performance. With videos in a 1:1 ratio, the completion rate, when people watch your videos, increases by 67 percent. This makes sense as social platforms will often crop videos as to not take up too much real estate as people scroll. So having a video already made into those cropped dimensions are ahead of the game.

Myth #3: YouTube Is Dead

Some people are saying YouTube is dead with all of the new and different ways to view video content on the internet. With the rise of Facebook Live, Twitch, Periscope, Instagram, Vimeo, and Snapchat it is easy to make that assumption. However, the data shows that the statement of “YouTube is dead” is purely misguided as the platform remains the most popular self-serve video distribution property. Not only is it just the most popular, it is the most popular by a long shot. In comparison to Facebook’s 94.6 million monthly viewers, YouTube attracts over 150 million viewers per month.

Myth #4: Videos Should Never Be Over 3 Minutes Long

With people’s attention spans being shorter than goldfish’s in some studies, it is easy to think that video content should be short, right? While short video content is good to have, there are needs for longer content as well on social platforms. One of the benefits of having longer video is better return, which is what Facebook data shows that impact of ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase intent increase with longer viewing periods. While this is true, the same impact came while users didn’t have to watch the whole video, with views lasting under 10 seconds showing similar results.
With longer content, you do get a drop off in engagement after the three minute mark, watch the metrics plateau then see a drop after the 12 minute mark. You want your video to only be as long as it needs to be and focus on making the content valuable. No matter the length, if the message and content is valuable then the video will be viewed and engaged.

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