4 Tips to Updating Old Website Content for SEO

Historical optimization is the term used to keep content fresh and up-to-date on your website. This can significantly impact your traffic, engagement, and SEO. You may have content on your website that is over ten years old – although it is great to have content on your website that is dated this far back, it’s also essential to keep the content fresh and relevant. 

The more current and up-to-date your content is, the more likely your content will appear in search engine rankings. Here’s what you need to know about updating old content.


The Newer, the Better

SEO and digital marketing best practices change monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily. And that’s true for other industries too. Users are more likely to click on your content if it is published. The fact is that people are more likely to click on content posted in 2022 rather than 2010. Even if you have other pages on your website, rewrite and republish these pages with more up-to-date information while providing new content. 


Fix Errors

Old untouched pages have out-of-date information, broken links, and thin content. Many website owners need to review their old content, which is where our team can help. Web pages with incorrect information and broken links are some of the most significant errors that can affect ranking. The link may have been a helpful resource once upon a time, but the link may have changed over time, or the page was taken down, resulting in a broken link.



Google doesn’t just crawl the latest updated articles – it will crawl the entire website. When you edit an old blog or service page, Google will crawl the whole website to see all recent changes. This will improve your chances of appearing in search rankings over time. When Google starts recognizing that you are updating and adding content regularly, it will increase the frequency with which it crawls and will begin to rank your website higher for more keyword searches.


Old Content Ranks Poorly

Overall, old content will rank poorly compared to updated content. Updated content improves the authority and validity of your website. Why let old content affect your rankings when you can update it? It’s a simple and effective way to improve your SEO while simultaneously utilizing old content. All it takes is updating the content itself – adding at least 400 words and updating any errors, as mentioned above, is a great way to improve pages and increase the overall traffic and ranking quickly. When Google notices a website isn’t regularly updated, your rankings will take a direct hit.


Get Started with Boston Web Marketing

Updating old content is a great way to increase your visibility on search engines. It can also drive traffic to your website and help your blog become more relevant on Google and other search engines. Our team at Boston Web Marketing can help you understand why updating old content is essential to your SEO plan while creating new content. Get started with our team today by calling us at 857.526.0096.  

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