4 Tips to Get New Content Indexed & Ranked Faster

Although SEO can sometimes be a waiting game that will take time to see results or improvements in your rankings, there are steps you can take to help get your content indexed faster. When posting new content, you want users to be able to find it in the SERPS as quickly as possible, especially if the information you’re putting out is time sensitive- For example, an upcoming event, or sale that only lasts a certain amount of time. There are a number of tools you can use, in order to give it the boost it needs to be found in the search results quicker. Here are the top 4 that we’ve found to be useful.

URL Inspection

Google has provided us with a number of tools that allow for content to be indexed faster, one of the most beneficial being the URL inspection tool. Previously known as the Fetch and Render tool in the old version of Google Search Console, this tool lets you submit a URL and tell Google to crawl it. This essentially puts your link in a “priority crawl queue,” and therefore gets indexed faster than other links on the list.


Having a sitemap on your site is crucial to getting your content indexed. A sitemap communicates with Google what URLs are available on your website to be crawled. An XML sitemap allows the search engines to find the data faster and more efficiently, thus, taking less time for your pages to be indexed. The quicker they’re indexed, the quicker they’re likely to begin showing up in the search results.

Link From Important Pages

When posting new content, such as a blog post, you should make it part of your routine to immediately link to it from another important page on your site. This could be your home page, main blog page, or any other page that is frequently viewed and crawled on your site. Adding this link to an important page tells Google two things: 1. That it should be put in the regular crawling queue, and 2. That it must be important since there is another important page that gains significant traffic linking to it. This is a simple step that can make a big difference in how quickly your new content will be ranked.

Share on Social Media

The final, and possibly most obvious step, is to share the new content on your social media! Not only are you giving the page more visibility, but there’s also a correlation between social shares and how well your content ranks. Linking on sites such as Reddit, in particular, create links for Google to crawl, and gives you external links.

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