4 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Your Brand’s Instagram Bio

Social media has been one of the most reliable and profitable marketing channels for brands and businesses in all industries. While any business can benefit from a better online presence, Instagram is an untapped market that has not been utilized by a lot of local brands. Setting up an Instagram account can be the much-needed boost to your marketing efforts. However, since Instagram is totally free, any brand can set up their own account, thus, making it important to stand out among competitors. One of the first few things you can to do step up your Instagram game is enhancing your company’s bio. There are some certain things to keep in mind while creating your Instagram bio.


Whatever you put in this field will be displayed in bold at the top of your profile. Obviously, you should use your company name, but don’t stop there. You are given 30 characters to work with, so if you have some extra space, you can always use it to help users search for your services. For example, if you are setting up an Instagram for a wedding designing company called Tie The Knot, it would be much more beneficial to set the name up as “Tie The Knot – Wedding Design” instead of simply “Tie The Knot.” Please keep in mind though: No Keyword Stuffing!


While there is a bit less leeway for the username compared to name, you should try to keep it as consistent as possible across all the social media platforms. Avoid unnecessary characters/numbers.


Instagram doesn’t allow a clickable URL anywhere except this one place. While only one URL can be displayed at given time, you can update the link as many times as you want. This allows you to update this URL with the most recent post on your blog, or a new service page you created recently.


This is the main course. It is important to keep in mind that only 150 characters are allowed, so you have just enough space to express your brand personality. Keep it clever, witty and just informative enough. Don’t shy away from using a few emojis. Sometimes, those emojis can make or break your Instagram’s characteristics.



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