4 Technical SEO Tips That Help Boost Organic Performance

Let’s get technical…SEO is more than just keyword research and content. Don’t get us wrong that is a huge part of SEO, but another often underrated aspect of SEO is the technical side of things. The content will not be able to perform as well as it could if you do not have a high-functioning website. In order to see long-term performance growth, your website must be technically sound. If the health of your site is not monitored it could mean the loss of site traffic as well as potential revenue loss for your business down the line. Here are four technical tips that will help boost your website’s organic performance. 

Monitor Page Indexing 

First, let’s take a moment to define what exactly indexing is for those who aren’t familiar with technical SEO terms. Indexing is the process of how search engines organize/categorize information. When taking a look at your website it is important to know which pages on your site are able to be indexed otherwise your site pages will not appear in search results at all. 

Site Optimization 

Make sure that the structure of your site is optimized for the best search performance. Go through each page and make sure URLs are concise. Update the page titles and meta descriptions of your pages to include relevant keywords. Another way to optimize your site is by making sure all images have alt-text. The pages on your site should contain clear information and use keywords that make the page easier for search engines to crawl. Plug pages on your site with internal and external links as another way to boost your chances of appearing in search results. 

User Experience 

When improving the user experience first ensure that nothing on your site is broken so users can have the most optimal site experience. If something on your site is broken users are more likely to click out and leave your site altogether. Broken links can cost you conversions. If your pages are slow to load, especially on mobile devices this is another factor that will ultimately cost you conversions. Test your site speed regularly to see how well your site is loading. 

Monitor Crawlable Pages 

“Crawling” in the SEO world is how search engines are able to index site pages. It is essentially the process of search engines finding your content. Monitor the pages on your site regularly to make sure they all work properly to ensure search engines are able to crawl them. Keep an eye out for broken links, sometimes they break on their own. While usually a quick fix if you don’t catch it this can prevent your page from being crawled by Google. 

SEO With Boston Web Marketing 

If you don’t feel comfortable tackling the technical side of SEO no worries, our team at Boston Web Marketing can take care of it so you don’t have to. Our team of SEO specialists is prepared to take on any challenges your site may be facing and help boost your organic search rankings. Contact us today at 857-526-0096 to learn more about how we can assist you on your SEO journey.

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