4 Steps To Improve Your Organic Listings

SEO is all about driving traffic to your website and making sure that your website is appearing on the first page of a Google SERP. One aspect to make sure that your website is optimized correctly is if the click through rate is in good standing. What makes a website have a good click through rate is to make sure their pages are exciting and engaging. It makes users want to click on the pages of your website when they perform searches on the web. Here are some tips you can use to improve your organic listings and drive additional traffic to your website.

1) Identify Pages With A Low Click Through Rate

To stay on top of your website’s SEO game, make sure that all the pages of your website are gaining some type of traffic. To check this, go into Analytics and  navigate to Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages. From there you can export the data into a CSV or Excel document. From this CSV or Excel sheet, you can identify pages that have high Impressions, a low Average Position and a relatively low CTR based on position. With this information you can address the pages that are not performing as well as others. 

2) Find Opportunities To Expand Page Titles

Every since Google has updated its Page Title length to be in pixels, 600px, marketers have been updating their pages left and right. What this means is that there will be more space to add important keywords into the titles of your pages. Not only can you increase the keyword count in your titles, you can also create a more engaging title to draw people to click your listing. The only issue with Google caring more about space than characters is how you write your title. Each letter takes up a certain amount of space on a SERP which can either show your whole title or just a portion depending on how long your title is. To help visualize what title to go with, try using a SERP preview tool to see what your title and description will look like on a search results page.

3) Compelling Title & Meta Descriptions

Titles and descriptions have two purposes for your website. They help your website get found by appearing on Google SERPs and they make a searcher want to visit your website. To make sure that these two purposes get fulfilled, you need to have copy that is compelling and interesting. Just like with content, you want to write for the user first then for SEO second. Do not completely forget keywords, as they are important to getting found, but do not make the title and description boring. If your web page provides a list or has a number of things in he content, make sure you state the number of items. If there are videos in the content on the page, include that in the title. Special characters such as exclamation points are good to catch a searchers eyes but do not go overboard. Here are a short list of titles that are both compelling and are filled with important keywords.

  • 17 Delicious Broccoli Recipes Your Kids Will Love
  • 10 Reasons Why The New Macbook Stinks w/Video Review.
  •  The 12 Lightest Laptops Available in November 2017

4) Use Rich Snippets To Make Your Listing Pop

This is where schema markups and other structured markups come in handy with SEO. This aspect of SEO is usually looked over but comes as a very important aspect if you want to have a good click through rate. Rich snippets show more information about your website that will make searchers more keen to click on your link over other links on a SERPs.


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